In a time of social distancing and quarantines, Lambda Chi Brothers remain true to our values...

It only takes one look at the most recent headlines to realize that we’re all facing uncertain times. Not only are there health threats on our doorsteps, especially for our older Alumni, but we face the threat of economic peril as well, even after the threat of a pandemic is appropriately handled.

However, in the face of all this uncertainty and in spite of Penn State shut downs and cancelled undergrad and Alumni events that we all look forward to each year, one thing remains true. Lambda Chi stands strong and united. We may be separated by miles and quarantines, but we are forever connected in spirit.

Some of the most exciting events that our Brothers put together are those that benefit others. The most recent philanthropic events were the annual Watermelon Bust for Feeding America and THON 2020. Click "Read More" for a few photos of the Brothers in action at these amazing events!

This was the list of potential projects discussed at the recent Alumni Board meeting with approximate costs;

Roof - Already approved: $50,000

2nd and 3rd Floor Bathrooms - Work yet to be done: $125,000

Exterior work on House - Stucco, Paint, Foundation, etc): $35,000

Remodel Rooms - Some more than others: 19 @ $5k = $95,000

Finish Floors; $50,000

Remodel Kitchen: $60,000

Add More Rooms - Expansion: $100,000