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The undergrads recently elected new officers. Here are their names, majors, hometowns and what the chapter means to them.  Congratulations to all of them.  Below is the list:

Luke Blossey
High Alpha
Chesapeake, VA
Learning about the history of the chapter and contributing in any way I can to help my brothers succeed.

Trenton Jones
High Beta
Lancaster, PA
Being able to help my brothers in every way I can, so that we all have a chance to be successful.

Max Warth
High Gamma
Wyndmoor, PA
I like the friendships I have made as well as fundraising for important causes such as THON. 

Kevin Buck
High Tau
Philadelphia, PA
Spending time in the back 40 with the other brothers whether that’s sitting at a bonfire or playing sports. 

Zach Cohen
Co-High Iota
Westchester, NY
I like the special bond of our brotherhood and the friendships I have developed through Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Jack Krawet
Co-High Iota
Telecommunications and Media Industries
East Brunswick, NJ
What I like is how comfortable everyone is in this chapter. Nobody feels they need to be someone they’re not, we’re all very genuine.

Daniel Hipschman
High Rho
Westfield, NJ
How there is always a brother willing to help another brother whenever needed because everyone wants to help others succeed. 

Jacob Goldstein
High Kappa
Hershey, PA
Spending time in the house with my brothers.

Sam Frank
High Delta
Long Island, NY
Participating in charity events with the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha that help to improve other people's lives. 

Ryan Knob
High Phi
West Chester, PA
Spending time with my brothers, and learning about the history of this chapter.

Evan MacDonald
Co-High Epsilon
Lancaster, MA 
I like how our chapter is all there for each other and appreciate one another. 

Ben Schratz
Co-High Epsilon
Security Risk Analysis
Phoenixville, PA
My favorite part about the chapter is having brothers who always have my back whenever I need them.

Ryan Zakrzewski
Warrington, PA
Spending time with all the brothers developing lifelong friendships. 

Anthony D’Antonio 
High Sigma 
Mount Laurel, NJ
There’s always a brother that I can trust to help me if ever needed. 

Tyler Abbondanza
High Theta 
Aerospace Engineering
Ashburn, VA 
How I can count on all my brothers if I ever need help in any way and there is always someone available to reach out to.