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The current Chapter House will celebrate its 100th birthday in 2025.  To date, 1869 Brothers have passed through its doors.

The House stands because of you. Whether its time or funds donated, its presence continues because of you.

With that in mind, the House Corp would like you to consider pitching in to help complete the final big projects that will return the House to its former self.

We have 5 years to check off those projects which will establish the House’s second century. There are details provided in this Zephyr and more information will follow. The best way to start is to send a donation back in after you’re read this issue.

Of course, you can count on an anniversary celebration for the House in 2025, much like we did for the Chapter’s 100th back in 2012. The occasion will also probably coincide with the initiation of Zeta 2000.


Class 1982