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As we head into the next decade, Fraternities across the country are facing unprecedented obstacles. Toxic environments and poor management have led many Fraternal Organizations to go out of business which, as a result, left a void in many places. They no longer educated young men with the ideals and teachings that have led many of us to become productive members of society. This may be true for many Chapters across the country but not Zeta Zeta. With healthy numbers and having recently paid off our $400,000 mortgage, we find ourselves in a select group of Fraternity Chapters across the country.

This was accomplished by the donations of many of you and from the help of many Brothers. Thanks to Brother Beard’s project management skills, Brothers Anderson and Milone with financial management, Brother Rossi with his constant undergraduate support and many other Brothers;  Gasbarre, Haas, Taiclet, Termini, Boring, Less, Miller, and Ferlino.  I wish I had space to name them all, but this is just a few of your Brothers that have helped the Zeta Chapter get to this place where we can all be proud.

Even though we have reached this milestone, we must continue to stay in front of the inevitable.  We have a new boiler and we have completed all the work from the water damage in 2016, but we still have to replace our roof and renovate the 2nd and 3rd floor bathrooms. The cost of these projects is estimated to be in excess of $150,000.

Our first phase of three to be completed in 2020 is the replacement of the roof and other exterior enhancements to help prevent future water damage. In order to get this work completed we need to raise approximately $60,000. I humbly ask all of you to remember what our House has meant to us and how much we enjoyed spending our college time there. Please help with a donation if you can.

As Fraternities face unprecedented challenges across the country, Zeta continues to operate at a level above the rest. With your help, we will continue to support our Chapter House for all our Brothers, undergraduate and alumni, that can be used for the next decade and many beyond.

Yours in ZAX, 

Michael Park

Alumni Corporation President